Llano Throw Blanket

Llano Throw Blanket


Rich earth tones and classic southwestern patterns easily make these thick handwoven blankets a favorite

  • Comes in Tan, Prickly Pear Green, Turquoise, Bright Red, Deep Red, Burnt Orange, Sky Blue, Deep Sapphire Blue, and Dusk Gray

  • Measures 5’ x 7’

  • Made of 70% Acrylic and 30% Polyester. A tight weave yet with a soft saddle blanket like feel

  • Machine washable, please rinse in nothing but cold water the first couple washes and then later on feel free to use detergent! (This helps to preserve and set the color of your blanket!) And whatever you do, DO NOT PUT YOUR BLANKET IN THE DRYER, this will cause bunching and wrinkling that is almost impossible to smooth out, always hang your blankets to dry! - xoxo, S&S

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