All Things Vintage

Hey y’all,

So it’s been a minute since I’ve filled you all in with what’s been going on in our neck of the woods. To be honest this whole blogging thing is wayyy harder than it looks when your juggling ten thousand other things at once. Shout out to those who blog like 24/7 and keep up with all their social media and real life, I dont know how you do it!

Anyways, the last few months have been a whirlwind, we’ve had mini shoot after mini shoot, whipped out a new logo and had to do a little re-facing of the website, listed a ton of new arrivals, worked with some amazing individuals and had to break down to buy a new sewing machine; not to mention all the plans we have on our calander for the remainder of the year.

There’s been a lot going on! Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming, but I figure if it doesn’t make you feel that way, then you’re not doing it right.

This year I’ve also been able to add the "Vintage Threads" section to the website, something I’ve been dreaming about since starting Sapphires and Sagebrush. Not only are we selling vintage prints, vintage jewelry, vintage boots but we finally have a vintage wardrobe up and going.

I've stated before, but I couldn't be more excited that y'all love all things vintage as much as I do. All things with a patina, frayed edge, rusty, faded, old-soul personality. Anything from dinky old western coffee mugs to a faded framed cowboy print to an old 1950's Zane Grey comic book. Things that have a certain aesthetic from the past. Anything with a story behind it. I’ve always been drawn to the old and outdated. So I was pumped when we recieved such a positive reponse to the addition of our vintage apparel!


The current trend for vintage western fashion, well vintage anything, is a dream for me. I can remember being back in high school or middle school and finding a really cool vintage piece at a garage sale or antique mall somewhere. But no one could ever where something like that to school without negative comments getting dished out. High school can suck like that.

But then you get to your twenties and people loosen up. All of a sudden it doesn't matter what you wear. Wear whatever you want, you be you. Its freaking awesome. And watching everyone use fashion as an artistic and creative outlet it so fun.


Now everywhere I go is like a treasure hunt. Theres always some thrif store around the corner, no matter what town your in. Its the thrill of finding something rare and unique that I've never seen in someone else's closet. Theres just something about finding an item that takes you back in time, as if when you wear it, a little piece of you was way back then too. Whether it be a pair of faded Wranglers or a vintage Scully button up or an old Double D fringe skirt or even your grandpa's old boots. It's time traveling. Everyone keeps saying vintage is just a current trend, but I dont think I'll be able to give it up.

Anyways, for those of y'all who are reading this, I hope y'all are having a wonderful and adventurous summer (but whose ready for fall am I right?). We have a couple trade shows up in the north Texas area coming up this fall, dates will be announced soon on Insta! Not to mention a ton of new projects and arrivals.

Stay tuned y'all!

- Raquel




Rachel Briggs